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 SIRUBA AA-6 Portable Bag & Sack Stitcher

Price: £269.00 + vat
We are the UK IMPORTER & DISTRIBUTOR of the SIRUBA AA-6 Portable Bagstitcher, we are based in Liverpool.   It is the best selling bag closer of it's type in the world today. Why pay 630, 700 or even 800 for a bagstitcher when our SIRUBA AA6 portable bag closer offers great value with FREE UK DELIVERY on retail sales.
This machine compares equally for Quality and Performance to the NEWLONG NP-7   FISCHBEIN  and UNION SPECIAL MACHINES, but at a fraction of the cost !  Shop around - then CALL US. 

 Used extensively in: 
ANIMAL FEEDS,  FLOUR and SEED MILLS,  VEGETABLE MERCHANTS,  CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, TEXTILE DYEING/BLEACHING & PRINTING HOUSES. POST ROOMS & DISPATCH Departments.  Used in Laundry's for joining Roller Towels together before washing.....We have even sold these machines for on site repairs to LORRY TARPAULINS, MARQUEES , 'BOUNCY CASTLES' & PVC SOFT PLAY EQUIPMENT.  and joining CARPETS prior to processing!
12 volt version is available for Field Work, will run from a Tractor or Truck Battery. Used widely by Farmers and Vegetable Growers. CE Tested & Approved 
Available in 12v, 110v & 240v Specification.
Needle System: SCHMETZ D5

Supplied Complete With Sewing Head

We Also Supply Bagstitcher Thread

Bag Stitcher, Bag Closer & Sack Stitcher Thread ALWAYS Available from stock.
We can supply 6 cones or 6 Tonnes.   No Quantity it too small.

2.5kg, 5kg & 10kg Large Cones also available

Single Needle, Single Thread Type 101 Stitch

1700 stitches per minute for consistently HIGH throughput.

The BEST VALUE High End Quality Portable Bagstitcher Available Today.  The SIRUBA AA6 leaves the competition standing for value.  Check out our competitors prices then call us for a great deal.

Long 7.2mm stitch length means fast closing of all types of Bags and Sacks All Day, Every Day.

Available Standard voltage 240v for everyday use, 110v for use where water is present as in laundries and dyeing and bleaching plants & 12v for field work.

Automatic Pump Oil System  ensures all parts receive correct Lubrication & internal felts maintain the lubrication of contact parts thus extending service & machine life even in extreme conditions like chemicals and  building materials.

Built In Thread Trimmer placed behind the Presser Foot Cuts the Thread Chain at the end of each sack or bag allowing 60-80+ bags per hour to be closed easily. 

Weighs In at just 5.5kg, so continuous use is easy. Also available is the A962 Spring Balance and the A947 Hanging Hook to prevent operator fatigue.

Designed to meet and exceed European Quality and Safety Standards. CE approved

Uses SCHMETZ or GROZ BECKERT Needle System FDx5 (D5) which are available from us singly, in packs of 10 or in boxes of 100.

Need Parts For Your AA-6 ?

SIRUBA AA-6 Parts are HERE

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